The deadline for mailing paperwork has passed. Please bring your paperwork with you to camp check-in.

Though you can still sign up for open camps, please do not mail anything to the registrar at this point. It will not be received.  (Also, we cannot accept scanned emailed copies)

See you all at camp!!

Battalion High Adventure: Grades 7-12

For young men completing grades 7–12 (ages 12–18)

June 9-15, 2019

Price: Hover over or click on the craft for price

Mark your choice of one activity on your registration. Activity space is limited and will be filled according to earliest registration, so register early.


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This is for certified divers only. Get reaclimated in the pool, and then take a trip to Kentucky for 2 days of exceptional diving.
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} Scuba

Scuba 2


Safely learn to use a wide range of hunting hardware from small and large bore rifles and muzzleloaders, long-bows and cross-bows, Tomahawks and throwing knives.
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} Marksman Challenge

Marksman Challenge


Spend 5 days and 4 nights in the secluded back acres of the camp. Set up camp at Pioneer Point - a 30-foot ledge overlooking the river!
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} Outdoor Challenge

Outdoor Challenge


Spend the week trying new activities and experience the best of Adventure Camp. You will get the chance to play paintball, shoot rifles, rappel down cliffs and more!
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} Extreme

Battalion Extreme