Hi moms! We thought we would address the most common questions we get when sending your son or daughter to camp. Please feel free to call the Registrar at (440) 363-1076 if you have any additional questions not addressed here.



Did you know your camper can receive mail? Mail call is always a fun time of day. You can let your camper know you are thinking of them by mailing to the camp address (5300 W. Loveland Rd. Madison, OH 44057) with Attn: Camper Name.


Did you know we now offer a gluten and lactose free menu? A designated cook will be on staff to prepare lactose and/or gluten free menu items for your child. These special menu items will be similar to the items the rest of the campers are eating throughout the week. With this new option available to your child we ask that you please refrain from sending your child to camp with their own food. Be sure to choose this dietary need option when registering (additional fee applies).


Did you know we limit candy store purchases? Campers can visit the candy store 1 to 2 times each day. Younger campers are limited to two sugary items (drinks, candy bars, etc.) per visit. Older boys are allowed three. Contact the registrar if your camper requires further restrictions.


Did you know we always have medical personnel on site? Each week we have a licensed RN or Doctor on site serving your campers 24 hours a day.

check   Did you know all staff and volunteers have been background checked? In addition to ongoing background checks, staff and volunteers must have solid recommendations from their church leadership.

Did you know you can reach the Camp Director directly? If you have a need to reach the Camp Director while your child is with us, you may call the number listed on your registration paper. We do not allow campers to have cell phones due to the distraction. We want our campers to develop relationship with staff, each other and with God.


Did you know you can pick-up or drop-off your camper as needed? We realize there are occasions where your camper might need to arrive later than check-in hours or be picked-up before the week is over. We would rather have your camper for a partial week, than not at all. Please contact the registrar to make arrangements. Note: We do not give partial discounts for such situations.


Do you know your check-in and check-out times? Full week campers arrive on Sunday between 1:00–3:00 pm. Check-out is Saturday at 10:00 am from the camper’s cabin. Please check the info sheets on the website for half-week camps as those times differ.