The deadline for mailing paperwork has passed. Please bring your paperwork with you to camp check-in.

Though you can still sign up for open camps, please do not mail anything to the registrar at this point. It will not be received.  (Also, we cannot accept scanned emailed copies)

See you all at camp!!

For boys completing grades 3-6 (ages 8-12)

Full Week: June 16-22, 2019

$290 ($250 before May 1) How do we keep our prices so low?

Half Week: June 23-25, 2019

$160 ($140 before May 1) How do we keep our prices so low?

Take aim, relax, control your breathing, squeeze the trigger; BANG! You’re one shot closer to a perfect target! Riflery at Stony Glen Brigade Camp is a top notch experience, with skilled and engaging instructors present to help you become an Expert Marksman! You will be shooting .22 caliber rifles at official NRA 50ft. targets as you climb the skills ladder toward excellence. Come enjoy the activity that can be heard all over camp! Remember early registrations get first choice of activities when you get to camp! Activities are chosen after you arrive at camp.