Camp Staff

We value and select leaders who have demonstrated years of godly character in their church, family, and at camp. This is extremely important to us since our mission is to equip and train young men to be the godly leaders of the future.

Camp Directors

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Dale Kinkade: CSB Ministries Regional Director
Dale Kinkade is the Regional Director in Ohio for CSB Ministries. His responsibilities include working with the Ohio Valley Region, CSB Ministries to help build gender-specific, intergenerational discipleship across the Ohio region. Dale's mission includes local church ministry support, leadership development and training, sharing the vision of CSB Ministries with church leaders, and overseeing the ministry of Ohio Brigade Camp.



GREG S 2Greg Seifert: Camp Director

We are thrilled to have Greg as part of our new administrative structure. He is an architect with many years of experience in leading teams. Greg will be working closely with our Ministries Director. He loves the Lord and hs been a part Brigade in one way or another for decades. Greg will be managing our administrative team and helping them carry out the objectives of Ohio Valley Region CSB Ministries. He is married to our wonderful registrar, Jeanne. 



Dave Buncdave_buncher_web.jpgher: Ministries Director

We are excited to have a new position focused on ministry and follow-up for Ohio Brigade Camp. We are equally excited to have the highly qualified Dave Buncher shift to this position. Dave served as our Camp Director from 2010 - 2022. He has served the Lord in vocational pastoral ministry since graduating from Moody Bible Institute in 2003. He is currently serving as the Pastor of Discipleship, Missions, and Worship at his home church, Parma Heights Baptist Church.  He and his wife Laura have been married since 1998.

Bob BuncherBob Buncher: Program Director

Bob will be out front keeping each day and week running smoothly. He is studying engineering at the University of Akron and adds a great deal of energy and excitement wherever he is. Bob grew up coming to Ohio Brigade Camp as a camper and has come through the ranks of Ohio Brigade Camp leadership development as a Junior Counselor and Assistant Program Director. He is a follower of Christ and loves Brigade Camp.

Senior Counselors

Senior counselors are adult male leaders of cabins and crafts at camp. We take extra care in selecting our counselors and other staff at Ohio Brigade Camp. Many of the staff members have served at camp for many years in the past and have an excellent track record for being responsible, honest, and caring. All senior staff come with a recommendation from their church leaders. We also run a background check on all leaders to ensure the safety of our campers.

Junior Counselors

Junior counselors are high school age males who assist the senior staff during our Stockade and Tree Climber (grades 3-6) weeks, helping to lead the cabins and crafts and run daily activities. All junior counselors come highly recommended by their church and school leaders. Additionally, our junior counselors go through a week of intense training to ensure they have what it takes to best serve the campers.