Junior Counselor Application

Being a junior counselor is not for everyone. There are long hours of training and great sacrifices that have to be made as you crucify your selfish desires and time for the sake of the campers. However, there are great rewards in the relationships you will develop, the thrill of leading campers in activities, hikes, and most of all in the prayer of salvation. For those willing to give themselves to the ministry of Ohio Brigade Camp, it is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime!

If you think it is for you, you need to know a few things first:

  • A new team is selected each year based on the application and reference forms.
  • Being accepted for junior counselor training does not guarantee of becoming a junior counselor.
  • This is a spiritually taxing endeavor and requires raising prayer and financial support.
  • The selection is made by the camp committee.

If you still want to proceed, great! Now do the following four things.

1. Read the Job Description

Read the job description of a junior counselor carefully and decided if you are willing and able to do the following.


  • A born-again Bible-believing Christian who demonstrates Christian character and has potential leadership ability.
  • Minimum age of 15 years old (14 years in limited situations).
  • Be familiar with the Brigade programs at Stony Glen camp and/or within the local church.

Responsibilities before and during Training

  • Complete all forms and applications.
  • Complete all study and memorization assignments.
  • Raise a prayer and support team from a combination of church, friends, and family.
  • Work as part of a group in various situations that simulate cabin responsibilities.
  • Learn a Stockade craft in preparation for teaching.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Submit to the leadership of the camp and program directors.
  • Guide each camper in spiritual decisions and growth.
  • Enforce safety and health regulations.
  • Guide each camper in participation in all camp activities.
  • Assist with program activities, working closely with the program director and senior leaders.
  • Work closely with other junior counselors to develop a “team spirit,” including a week of junior counselor training.
  • Develop an overview of Brigade camp philosophy and leadership.
  • All junior counselor candidates will be expected to attend lifeguard, CPR, and first aid training before camp begins at Stony Glen (you will be informed of the dates). If you are not already a certified lifeguard, you will do your book work online pre-camp.

Note: If at any time during camp, the camp leadership determines a candidate is unable to become or continue as a junior counselor, two options are reserved:

  • The candidate will serve on the camp service crew until it is determined that he is ready for the service of a junior counselor.
  • It may be decided that the best option is to return home.

2. Fill out the Application through the Registration Page

Before you start the online junior counselor application you need to prepare in advance to answer the following questions:

  • In what church activities have you been involved?
  • What positions of leadership have you held in your church?
  • On another paper, please write a brief testimony. You need to explain how and when you came to know Jesus Christ. You need to explain how your spiritual life has matured since then. You need to explain what Jesus Christ has been doing in your life over the past year in greater detail.
  • Please write a paragraph explaining why you want to be a junior counselor at Ohio Brigade Camp.
  • What do you feel is your greatest characteristic that will make you effective as a junior counselor? Why do you feel this characteristic is important?
  • What do you feel is your weakest characteristic that could limit your effectiveness as a junior counselor? What can you do to address this weakness?
  • What person has had the greatest impact on your life? How did this person have this impact?

Fill out the Application

3. Distribute Three Reference Forms

You need to have the following three people listed below fill out the online reference form. Instruct your references to fill out and submit their form right away.

  • One to your church pastor
  • One to a Brigade leader or youth group leader
  • One to a teacher, coach, or employer

Once we have received your application and three reference forms the camp committee will make a decision and inform you of their decision by letter, email, or phone.

4. Raise Prayer and Financial Support

If you have been accepted to junior counselor training, then you must start raising prayer and financial support. You will do this by sending letters to family and friends explaining what Ohio Brigade Camp is, what your ministry will be, and ask them to support you in prayer and financially. Upon your acceptance, you will be sent the address to where the the financial support should be sent.

In the event that you are not selected for junior counselor training, you can transfer to one of the Battalion skill areas or service crew.

Whatever the outcome, pray that God’s team is selected for this great opportunity. If you have any questions, contact Dale Kinkade.