Dress Code Policy

It is our desire that Brigade Camp be a place where young men and young women can focus their eyes and hearts on their relationship with Jesus. The intent is not to bring attention to how one looks, but to highlight our walk of faith, love, and pursuit of holiness. Styles of clothing can be a stumbling block for many youths. Therefore, campers and staff are required to adhere to the Brigade Camp dress code. Complying with these rules does not imply righteousness, holiness, purity, or spiritual maturity. You are simply complying with Brigade Camp's standards.

General Appropriateness

  • We have a NO visible undergarment policy. 
  • Nothing that exposes the midriff for guys or girls.
  • Clothing attire with reference to any type of alcoholic beverage, illegal substance, lewd, vulgar, indecent, or sexually suggestive subjects are not permitted. This includes writing on improper places, such as pant seats.

Shorts and Pants

  • All shorts should be a modest length. At Brigade Camp, modest shorts are defined as shorts that have at least a five-inch inseam or longer. (Remember, ALL shorts must have at least a 5″ inseam. This means the brand or style of the shorts cannot be used to determine their appropriateness. For instance, if Nike shorts do not have a 5″ inseam they are not permissible.)
  • When wearing leggings or yoga pants, tops must reach half-way between the hips and knees.


  • Tank tops are not allowed at Brigade Camp. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable but must go from the neck to the shoulder seam and not be split down the side.


  • While going to and from the swimming areas, males must wear a t-shirt and females must wear a long shirt or shorts over their swimming suits.
  • Males should not wear tight-fitting swimming suits.
  • Girl’s swimsuits should be a one-piece swimming suit. Tankinis' that come down to the bottoms and do not expose the midriff are permissible.
  • No mesh fabric on girl’s swimsuits.

The intent of the Brigade Camp dress code is to provide an equitable dress code for all campers and staff that will encourage modesty above legalism. Parents are urged to see that only clothing that meets the policies and regulations of Brigade Camp are brought to Stony Glen.