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CSB Ministries is able to offer this top-notch Brigade Camp experience at very reasonable rates, which gives boys and young men experiences that they could only dream about otherwise. We are able to do this partially due to the gracious donations of individuals and organizations who are willing to partner in ministry with us. You can become a Brigade Camp booster by giving a tax-deductible gift to either of the following areas.

General Fund: Budgeting with our rates is only possible with boosters to help offset the costs. Partner with us and help continue this great tradition by donating to the general fund.

Camp Scholarships: Each year we help campers who would not be able to come to camp without some financial assistance. We ask the parent/guardian of the camper to pay as they are able, and we make up the difference through our scholarship fund, as long as funds are available. Help supply a quality Christian camping experience to those who would otherwise be unable to participate by donating to the scholarship fund.


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You can always mail in your donations:

Make checks payable to Ohio Valley CSB

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