Why Brigade Camp

We know that picking the right camp is difficult. So what makes Ohio Brigade Camp different?

  • We offer an eclectic number of unique and adventurous activities, many of which cannot be done at home.
  • The camper is completely unplugged from technology (phones, video games, computers, etc.) so that they can experience a world rich in community and adventure.
  • We have a low camper-to-leader ratio (13 or 15 to 2 leaders - depending on the age group)
  • We focus on equipping men to help develop children and youth to be leaders for Christ. At Brigade Camp, every moment is an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth.
  • Our camp is led by “homegrown” leaders, meaning they have grown up in and were trained over the years in the Christian Service Brigade program and at Ohio Brigade Camp.
  • In addition to background checks, our leaders are trusted leaders in their churches; volunteering their time to teach and mentor kids through activities that are their own personal trade or hobby.
  • The message of Christ’s servanthood leadership is woven into every activity at camp. We put a great emphasis on teaching respect, confidence, and Christian values.
  • We train our own junior counselors (high school–age boys) to serve alongside our adult leaders. Our college-age leaders are all part of our successful process of raising up the next generation of leaders.
  • It’s a safe place to have fun. We have a full-time nurse on the campgrounds, and all of our junior counselors are trained lifeguards in first aid and CPR.
  • Parents can call or email us any time, even on the first night, to check in on their camper.

Come and join us for a camp experience that will last a lifetime.